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After our first visit to Bali in the mid 1990s we knew from then on that one day we would retire here and make Bali our home.

As each year passed our love for the “Island and its People” grew and became an even stronger love affair with this beautiful island.

With possible retirement approaching in the forseeable future in or around the year 2007 and already having the experience of organising and having a small property as an investment in Bali we were ready to sell it and find the house of our dreams at a price far less than what we would pay in Australia.

After the first hurdle of which depending on your family may or may not be an easy run and we wanted to convince all of our family that this is what we wanted finally in 2016 serious preparations began. To be noted talking about and actually becoming a reality were two different scenarios. Most families will be the same.

Our business was sold, all had been told and now the paperwork and logistics started. Some easy, some mind boggling but in the end we are here and Very Very Happy. It is to be noted that like everywhere in the world over time things have changed from costs to laws so be very careful. Finding out necessary issues or costs was in our opinion not hindered but in actual fact welcomed and assisted with alacricity by Indonesian Embassy and consulate staff in Australia and even here now where we live.

Our blog is a non profit site based on our personal account of our experiences a couple in our 60s and with your questions and our answers may or may not help you in your dreams as well even if just a holiday to Bali “The Island of the Gods” or to be so lucky to live with them!

The every day feelings you acquire is a genuine comment we assure you and in no way a fabrication of wanted dreams.

We hope our answers will clarify any likely stories whether bad or good but as always please rely on our comments as what happened with us. Not necessarily what will happen in your case.

What will be our First Question?

Kind Regards
Pete and Chrissie Johnson.


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